Financial Fitness

Financial-FitnessGO Northwest HRC Financial Fitness Program empowers individuals and their families to build their financial capability, establish goals such as— paying for college, planning for retirement, decreasing debt, or purchasing a home—and providing the framework and action plan to achieve those goals. We provide the resources and technical assistance to help build, improve, and sustain one’s financial quality of life. Our coaching model allows the person to establish their own goals, and work toward success on their own terms.

The course consists of the following sections:
Week #1: Goal Setting and Budget Management: Determining the client’s wants vs. needs, goal setting, and creating a budget. Instruction will include analyzing and reviewing budgets, utilizing budgeting tools and websites, and healthy budgeting behaviors. Goal: development of an effective budget

Week #2: Banking: Creating and Maintaining Savings/Checking: Developing and maintaining a savings plan. Instruction will include information on emergency savings; savings and checking accounts, certificates of deposit and other financial planning resources. Goal: to establish checking and savings accounts with automatic deposits.

Week #3: Asset/Wealth Building; Insurance; Identity Theft: Instruction to include developing an asset and wealth building plan to achieve long-term financial goals. Learning and understanding insurance: types, cost and purpose, and determination of insurance needs. Goal: to create long-term wealth and have sufficient insurance for life-style and risk based needs.

Week #4: Credit Score Management: Instruction to include components of credit; how to increase credit score, decrease debt balances, establish credit relationships, and avoid negative credit choices. Goal: develop an action plan to increase credit score within 1 year.