What we do

GO Northwest is a community based nonprofit organization that provides homeownership and financial education, counseling and technical services for individuals and families to help them address their housing needs and achieve their financial and homeownership goals affordably—from buying their first home to maintaining and keeping their home from foreclosure. Our mission, ensuring healthy neighborhoods by equipping individuals to obtain, maintain, and retain their homes successfully, drives our goal of growing and maintaining homeownership, thus improving and sustaining the diversity, desirability and livability of our city and state.

Birthed in 1999, and incorporated in 2007, the Garwyn Oaks Northwest Housing Resource Center, Inc. (GO Northwest) has provided homeownership and community services information, education, resources and activities to existing and potential residents of Baltimore City. Our services consist of: pre purchase homeownership (homebuyer) education, counseling, and technical assistance; post purchase homeownership counseling and technical assistance (home rehabilitation and foreclosure prevention); financial fitness education and coaching; resident engagement and community marketing activities.

GO Northwest administers the Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative, a community preservation and marketing program in four Baltimore communities—Garwyn Oaks, Hanlon, Howard Park and Edmondson Village. Through our services and resources, the Center has equipped and empowered individuals to achieve their homeownership and financial goals, meet their housing and community needs, and improve and sustain their neighborhoods.