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Let us help……. If you are having trouble paying your Mortgage, you are not alone.

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Mortgage/Foreclosure Help
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For decades, homeownership has benefited families and communities all over Maryland with greater stability, economic prosperity, safe neighborhoods, better educational opportunities, and even improved health.  The recent increase in foreclosure threatens previous gains made in homeownership, as millions of families are now struggling to pay mortgages.

Garwyn Oaks Northwest Housing Resource Center helps families who are at risk of foreclosure and provides information on how to avoid the type of loans and practices that lead to trouble. If you are having trouble paying in your mortgage for any reason or expect problems, contact GO Northwest Housing Resource Center a HUD approved agency to help find solutions now.

How does it work?

Call for help!  Contact the center 410-947-0084 option 1 to discuss your situation. A GO Northwest Housing Counselor will provide you with information on the foreclosure process and will suggest options based on your situation.

Steps to avoid foreclosure

  1. Organize your finances, reduce expenses, and develop strategy for making more money.
  2. Answer all phone calls and read all mail from your mortgage company.
  3. Ignore all SCAMMERS who are offering quick fixes for a fee.
  4. Contact a HUD-certified, non-profit mortgage foreclosure prevention specialist for unbiased FREE advice and counseling to determine your best options.
  5. Call Garwyn Oaks Northwest HRC 410.947.0084

DON’T Procrastinate
DON’T ignore your situation
DON’T leave your home
DON’T pay scammers
DO TAKE THE FIRST STEP by contacting GO Northwest HRC 410.947.0084 x 1

Live In Baltimore City?

Call Go Northwest HRC to talk to a certified foreclosure prevention counselor today! Your counselor will help you understand your time frames and determine your best options.

Contact GO Northwest at 410.947.0084 x 1

We provide our clients with unbiased foreclosure prevention assistance and recommendations to address your home-ownership needs. Call a Homeownership Specialist Today.

All services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

GO Northwest HRC is a 501c3 non-profit agency.  GO Northwest HRC’s goal is to help residents be able to obtain, maintain, and retain their homes successfully.  Located within Northwest Baltimore, we provide services and resources for potential homebuyers and current homeowners.

GO Northwest is here to help you with any of your housing needs!

Click HERE to submit the Mortgage Delinquency Assistance Form.